Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Dog

Another picture of "our dog," Lucy crawling around with a pacifier in her mouth--still in the package!


One of Lucy's favorite games is Peek-a-boo. As an extension of this, she also loves hide-and-go-seek. She will sit behind the curtains forever waiting for someone to come and find her. She just kicks her feet and giggles, thrilled with her hiding place. In this picture I managed to catch Lucy and Daddy behind the curtains together.

More Random Pretty Pictures

Daddy's Little Helper

Lucy is a very big help. Which is why Daddy is installing safety latches on our cabinets! =) Here is Lucy helping him install them, as well as gracing us with some of her smiles!

More Random Pictures

These are some more random pictures of Lulu. She is obsessed with the lint roller. Why? That photo also shows off her developing summer tan! =) Why isn't Mommy tanning so nicely? Also, you've gotta' love the pictures of my daughter, the dog. She loves to crawl around with something firmly in her mouth--just like her dog, Daisy. And last, but certainly not least, more sleeping pictures. Yea! She's finally doing more of that sleeping stuff!

Happy Baby

Whether Lucy is chewing on a toy, watching her doggy out the window, or sharing special reading time with Daddy after work, Lucy remains an extremely happy baby. We are so blessed!


Lucy having a blast in her "Sassy Just Like Mommy" pajamas!


I had to include this picture of Lucy sleeping. Not simply because it is a cute picture but because I never get this kinds of pictures anymore. She's not that sleepy little baby anymore!

The Pink Coat Pictures

Lucy in her pink coat at a very cooold outdoor graduation party. She had just discovered the deliciousness of Nilla wafers--and that she could fit an entire one in her mouth! No dainty little bites for this princess!

Random Pictures

This post involves many different random pictures including one with Mommy (which almost never happens), Lucy's first picture as a "cheesehead," one with Aunt "Na-na," Father Rader, and some other fun times and silly pictures.

First Oreo

Here are some pictures of a special Smith Family tradition: Eating the first Oreo! Lucy took to them with great relish and no one was a bit surprised considering how many Mommy consumed during Lucy's gestation! =P

"Farm" Girl

Lucy looked so cute in these hand-me-down overalls (although a lot like a hayseed) that I just had to get some pictures of those Baby Blues!

Sunshine Baby

Another sunny day outside in May with Mommy, Daddy, and Daisy the dog. Daisy loves to help Lucy explore and "supervises" her exploring. Daddy taught Lucy how to blow dandelion seeds in the backyard--as if we didn't have enough weeds to contend with! =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sunglasses Girl

Lulu loves sunglasses. If you put them on her she will "put" them on you--but then it's her turn again! Since this picture was taken we have purchased her a little pink pair of her own. Now I don't have to worry about mine being broken!

Pretty Pink Boots

Here Lucy is showing off here "pretty pink boots." These boots are actually to go with a fun Fall outfit that I have for her, but Lucy has been so curious about these boots that I finally put them on. Although she was initially a little unsure of how they felt on, she warmed up to them quite quickly. Now she keeps going into her room to find them and tries to put them on her feet. She laughs whenever she sees them! That's my Princess Cowgirl! =)