Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Favorite Book

There is no single book that we have read in our home more than "The Wheels On the Bus." It is the most beloved book that we own. I have more pictures of this being read than of any other reading time. I have to hide this book by day because Alexander can spot it nearly anywhere and will start begging for "'Bas' Peeeeez!" And he's never ready to be done. Here is one recent reading.

Alex moving one of the tabs (It's a moving book)

Lucy, singing along. Loud. Always loud. =)


Megan said...

Loving the updates!! Even from 1.5 miles away! I had fun yesterday even at that unheard of hour.

Love ya!

Adrienne said...

Oh, how darling. I love seeing little traditions we had as kids passed along in your family, with a distinctive twist. I am sure Justin has told you about Tot Batot. That's what this reminded me of. And the joy on your children's faces speaks volumes.