Thursday, April 09, 2009

Snow Much Fun

We had a lot of fun during the last "big" snow storm. I'll post some pictures of the snow, itself, one of these days. That way those of you who live in the unbearably hot parts of the country can see what you're missing. =) Today, however, are pictures of my "kids" having fun in the snow. It was a great time!

A little hard to see here, but a sweet smile--Lucy is obsessed with the snow

Alexander took to the snow very quickly, even though he couldn't walk in it!

I love this picture!

More fun

Trying to walk, at least. He was a snow encrusted baby by the time he went in!

This was them, side by side, starting out...precious.

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Adrienne said...

Super cute! I love Lucy's smile in that top photo!