Thursday, March 26, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

We were blessed to attend our first parade this month! We went to Sioux Falls' St. Patrick's Day Parade, which, apparently, is a big deal in Sioux Falls! There were so many people there and they were all quite festively attired with wigs, hats, and such. Many people had their dogs there with green leis around their necks or many had even dyed there dogs' fur green! Yikes! We got to watch part of the parade from the boardroom at Daddy's office, which offered a great view, warmth, and easier corraling of small children. Here are some pictures from the day. I hope you enjoy!


Adrienne said...

Oh, my niece and nephew are too cute!!! These are great pictures, Molly. Except for that creepy one with my brother drinking out of the glass. ;) His expression is slightly creepy. ;)

Mols said...

I know the picture is a little creepy, but he likes making that face. And he was drinking green beer, which is just a little messed up, anyways, so perhaps the creepy look was warranted here! P